On Friday we celebrate the light filled Feast of the Epiphany. Guided by a star, those mysterious figures from the East are given a revelation of profound proportions.

The Magi have been identified by many as Zoroastrian priests although the term “magus” is also associated with Simon Magus in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 8:9-24) who was identified as a sorcerer or magician who tried to pay his way to receive the gifts of God. Here’s a poetic reflection. Who or what do you think the Magi are?


They wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
Entertainers entertained.
Magical conjurors
twisting perceptions,
manipulating senses,
attempting to change the way we see things.

The twist came
in the sight before them.
They were used to seeing things differently
so the child could have been anything:
an apprentice,
someone to learn the trade,
a card trick of emotions.

Gifts are delivered -
an acknowledgement?
A price?
A theological masterpiece expressed
in glitz and drama?
A gesture of importance?
Or peddlers calling to see, to sell,
to smile into a family's predicament?

The parents are protective and bemused,
frightened by the future.
The conjurers had suitably expressed the indelible
and cut time short
with an illusion.

The child is amused by the visitors,
who are kind enough to display
and entertain.

And then they are gone.
Not in a puff of smoke
but deliberately and slowly
as if afraid
the child would do a disappearing act
when their backs were turned.

It was a clear night.

We gather at St Paul’s Church, Grangetown on Friday 6th January at 630pm for the Feast of the Epiphany

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