Beavers’ Tails and Butter Towers

Giving up meat during Lent has been a long held Lenten tradition because it meant giving up a luxury item.  Perhaps, with cheap meat and factory farming, we have rather lost the sense that meat is a luxury.  And yet it is still a good tradition to have, particularly considering the environmental impact of consumingContinue reading “Beavers’ Tails and Butter Towers”

The Eucharist is so small

In a few weeks’ time, we begin our Lenten journey.  During the 40 days of Lent, we’ll be sharing 40 meditations on the Mass at our other prayer website As we begin to look forward to the possible emergence from lockdown in the weeks or months to come, Fr Dean reflects on the EucharisticContinue reading “The Eucharist is so small”