The Eucharist is so small

In a few weeks’ time, we begin our Lenten journey.  During the 40 days of Lent, we’ll be sharing 40 meditations on the Mass at our other prayer website As we begin to look forward to the possible emergence from lockdown in the weeks or months to come, Fr Dean reflects on the EucharisticContinue reading “The Eucharist is so small”

A response to recent sadness

following the sad death of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, and all that has happened since. At St Mary’s we have a ministry of daily prayer.  It’s a subtle, often unseen, maybe overlooked ministry – but quietly, day by day, we pray. We pray for the world and the local community, for those who are sick andContinue reading “A response to recent sadness”

Light in the Lockdown

The final ‘O’ Antiphon for Advent seeks the light of Christ even (especially) during lockdown. O Morning star, radiance of eternal light, sun of justice, come and enlighten those who live in darkness and in the shadow of death. With an early lockdown, the five day window of relaxation at Christmas has been removed, andContinue reading “Light in the Lockdown”

An everyday, effortless verse?

What did she think along the way, as she walked to the hill country of Judah? Mary is the first Christian pilgrim, journeying with the growing presence of Jesus, and today’s gospel reading at Mass stirs us to poetry and song, and an “everyday, effortless verse.” “And I was travelling, lightly, barefoot / over bedrock,Continue reading “An everyday, effortless verse?”