Who would live in a house like this?

Tent of Meeting It was a memorable moment, this week, to see the Shrine Church in Walsingham able to open its doors for private prayer, and the smiles of the Priest Administrator as he turned the key says it all.  I know that many people have loved to take part in the live streaming ofContinue reading “Who would live in a house like this?”

Articles of Faith 10: Memorial Plaque

Our tenth article of faith is a small stone plaque in the north-west corner of St Mary’s Church in memory of ‘Henry James Thatcher’, a plaque which unfolds the story of a man of enthusiastic faith, committed friendship and an eye for precision! A fallen grave stone We found it quite by accident, the graveContinue reading “Articles of Faith 10: Memorial Plaque”

Articles of Faith 9: a Pulpit pulled down

‘The Lesson thou has taught’ The ninth article of faith is a plain wooden pulpit, although only a third of the original remains. So, let’s climb into it and look down over two very different people from the past: the successive nineteenth century vicars of St Mary’s Church for whom this pulpit proved so importantContinue reading “Articles of Faith 9: a Pulpit pulled down”

Articles of Faith 8: A ‘Poor’ Reredos

Certain poor shepherds “The first Nowell the angels did say was to certain poor shepherds in fields where they lay” so the well-known Christmas Carol goes. It’s these ‘poor shepherds’ who feature in our eighth article of faith: a reredos above the High Altar.   Within its brush strokes we explore the friendships and fortunesContinue reading “Articles of Faith 8: A ‘Poor’ Reredos”

Articles of Faith 7: A Rood Screen

Straying saints and fast cities This screen seems solid, unmoveable, part of the fabric of the building. Yet it came from another church building now long gone, the former church of St Dyfrig. The church stood on Wood Street in an area of Cardiff once known as Temperance Town near Central Railway Station before theContinue reading “Articles of Faith 7: A Rood Screen”