St Mary’s Wild Side: our Christmas Charity Appeal

During this last year, the world has experienced such a challenging time.  We want to reach out, particularly to those who are lonely and isolated, those who find life difficult, whether through poor mental health or other issues and concerns which can affect our health and well being. As a city centre church, we areContinue reading “St Mary’s Wild Side: our Christmas Charity Appeal”

Chocolate coins and Advent light

Whilst Ava waits in the wings with the anticipation of lighting the rose candle next Sunday, Seb was more than happy to take his turn at this Sunday’s lighting of the Advent wreath. Beneath the evergreen ring, sits a bowl of incense, a symbol of our prayers rising through the gateway between heaven and earth,Continue reading “Chocolate coins and Advent light”

The mystery of who you are…

Her story was utterly moving and utterly captivating. As a child, she is on a school residential trip away, enjoying time with her friends. Having fun. Being a teenager. Being young. They are camping out together in a large sports hall echoed with laughter. Their lives filled with hope for the future. Then there isContinue reading “The mystery of who you are…”

Whatever the weather

Two years ago, we celebrated the 175th anniversary of the opening of the present day St Mary’s Church, deep in December in the heart of winter.  Our celebratory dinner planned for the following month was postponed thanks to the “Beast from the East!” Having opened in 1873, it was two years later on November 6th,Continue reading “Whatever the weather”

The Colour of Black

Coinciding with Black History Wales’ activities launched at the beginning of October, we look at one of the few representations of black people in the holy art at St Mary’s, and the place played by a North African family in the growth of Christianity in the first few decades. Three black people stand next toContinue reading “The Colour of Black”

Who would live in a house like this?

Tent of Meeting It was a memorable moment, this week, to see the Shrine Church in Walsingham able to open its doors for private prayer, and the smiles of the Priest Administrator as he turned the key says it all.  I know that many people have loved to take part in the live streaming ofContinue reading “Who would live in a house like this?”