Articles of Faith 3: Brass Lectern

My ships have passed away To uncover the story of this brass lectern, with its grand eagle bearing the weight of the word, wings outstretched ready for flight, we need to turn back a hundred years and more, back to 1905 and a turning point in Cardiff’s history, and the story of a life-long friendship.Continue reading “Articles of Faith 3: Brass Lectern”

Articles of Faith 2: Silver Chalice

In Search of Treasure at Sea! In the search for old treasures you may have Indiana Jones in mind, struggling with baddies, crawling through caves, seeking out the Holy Grail. Well, our second article is no Holy Grail although it is a chalice used at the Eucharist! It’s not the most decorated chalice amongst theContinue reading “Articles of Faith 2: Silver Chalice”

Articles of Faith 1: Stone Corbel Head

One of a series of posts allowing individual articles here at St Mary’s to unfold a story! Better Days This first object has seen better days. And I say ‘seen’ better days because this object has a face with a nose and a mouth . . . and eyes! It’s a simple, stone corbel headContinue reading “Articles of Faith 1: Stone Corbel Head”

From that place of death

It was an episode of Silent Witness I think, the BBC drama series which investigates crimes using the science of forensics. There is discovered the remains of a dead body, incarcerated in a prison beneath the concrete floors of a discarded factory. The body was naked, his torn clothes next to him. The psychological diagnosisContinue reading “From that place of death”

This is the wood of the Cross…

The Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion is stark and sombre yet full of rich beauty in all its simplicity, made starker today maybe by our inability to gather together.  Since lockdown, the liturgical celebrations have occurred in solitary fashion in the smaller Lady Chapel.  However, today it seemed apt to return to the nave altar. Continue reading “This is the wood of the Cross…”