Entertaining Angels

Mina giggled.  She looked through the book.  It was about a boy who tells magical tales that turn out to be true. ‘Yeh, looks good,’ she said.  ‘But what’s the red sticker for?’ ‘It’s for confident readers,’ I said.  ‘It’s to do with reading age.’ ‘And what if other readers want to read it?’ ‘Mina,’Continue reading “Entertaining Angels”

Beavers’ Tails and Butter Towers

Giving up meat during Lent has been a long held Lenten tradition because it meant giving up a luxury item.  Perhaps, with cheap meat and factory farming, we have rather lost the sense that meat is a luxury.  And yet it is still a good tradition to have, particularly considering the environmental impact of consumingContinue reading “Beavers’ Tails and Butter Towers”