Did you hear the one about Christmas being cancelled?

It may sound like a joke from a Christmas cracker but the thought has crossed the minds and lips of many, faced as we are with so much uncertainty.

But there’s no joke, no punchline and no way! Christmas continues!

Of course, Christmas means different things to different people. For us it’s the joyful celebration of the birth of Christ, and that can never be cancelled even if some things may have to be done slightly differently.

So, if you’re able, why not join us this year as we gather throughout this beautiful season to give thanks for him whose birth brings light to the world.


Vigil Mass

Join us at 5.30pm for the Vigil Mass of Christmas during which we switch on the Christmas Tree lights and bless the Christmas Crib.

This is an ideal celebration for families with children – with time to be home early in readiness for the celebrations at home, although many older people, too, value an earlier celebration.

Midnight Mass

At the deepest, darkest moment of the night, as Midnight strikes, we begin our celebration of the Nativity of the Lord.

Although congregations are unable to sing, there’ll be plenty of Christmas atmosphere as we celebrate the birth of Christ, and the visit of the shepherds at our beautiful Midnight Mass.

Christmas Morning

Mass at 11am

After a late bedtime, it’s more of a laid back affair today with our late morning Mass at 11am.

Still time to get home to simmer those sprouts!

For all the Christmas Masses, you will need to check in before-hand, and to let us know if you wish to sit with any who form part of your ‘Christmas Bubble’ (of three households) in line with Welsh Government regulations. Please email or get in touch by phone or text using the details on the Contact page.

God knows what you’re getting this Christmas.

None of us could have imagined how this last year would affect so many people. It’s been and continues to be a struggle.

However, even in the midst of the difficulties and dangers, many have rediscovered what’s really important in their lives.

For us, the heart of Christmas is the birth of Jesus, and we’ll be gathering together for Mass and devotions at the usual times.

We’ll bring all we have experienced during the last year to the One who is ‘Emmanuel’, God with us, praying too for those who are unable to be with us, and all for whom this year and this season brings hardship and concern.

As the Crow Flies

Check out our 28 page Advent and Christmas magazine, As the Crow Flies.

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