Discover our Wild Side


A few years ago, this was an overgrown and inaccessible strip of land.  After much hard work, we have begun to create a lively habitat for wildlife, and a place where people – just like you –  can visit and engage with nature!

It’s an ongoing project, which is extending to the front gardens on Bute Street and where we’re currently creating a butterfly garden.

Walking through this little woodland area, you emerge into a lighter, brighter space with daffodils and shrubs and other plants.  We’ve also sown wildflower seed to attract pollinators, although still waiting for success!

But don’t rush your way through.  There are lots of things to discover if you look for them – above, around and beneath you – and we hope that, as the gardens become more established, we’ll introduce and attract many other types of flora and fauna.

We’ve added a few sign posts and stopping points along the way to accompany you and which feature with QR Codes to enrich your visit!

We’ll be adding to these QR codes over time, the links of which will reveal some important aspects of both our gardens and the church and wider community.

Stations of Creation

We also have two audio trails for you to discover, following the painted crosses through this area, and offering reflections on our relationship to God and his Creation. The one for children is God’s Garden Adventure, and the other Stations of Creation.

Dig Deeper: If you’d like to delve deeper, we’re providing links to external websites, particularly to the RSPB.

Anyway, that’s enough from us at the moment!

Feel free to move on, be still, look and listen smell, breathe, relax, enjoy!

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