Discover our Wild Side

Concrete Jungle

We found these concrete blocks discarded in the grounds. Rather than send them to landfill, we’ve lifted them from the grounds here when we cleared this area to provide a habitat for insects – a real concrete jungle!

To your left, is our compost pile, a great way to recycle and re-use garden and kitchen remnants whilst also reducing our impact upon the environment and local services.

Every turned stone reveals a myriad of insects and other creatures, such as spiders, snails, slugs, beetles, and more, and one of our projects is to identify as many possible different types of insects and other invertebrates here, and to attract even more so that we can help create a diverse habitat.

Look out for other habitats we’ve created!

Dig Deeper: For more information about the importance of insects and other invertebrates, and how you can create a habitat in your garden, visit:

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