Discover our Wild Side

Hedgehog Home

Hedgehogs are in decline and, over the years, we’ve spotted one or two at night around the church and school grounds.

We first created this hedgehog home in the Autumn of 2020.  There was no winter resident that year, but hopefully, soon, one will discover a snug ready-made bed for the winter months.

Dig Deeper: For more information about hedgehogs and how you can build a home in your garden, visit:

Bats in the belfry

High above you in the south-east tower we have a colony of pipistrelle bats who flutter around at dusk, eating insects for their supper!

They don’t seem to mind the digital bell system which rings several times a day, calling people to Mass, and ringing out the Angelus Prayer!

Dig Deeper: To discover more about bats visit the RSPB’s web page here: or:

Other mammals

You’ll also see a few squirrels scurrying around in the trees above or athletically hanging down from a branch helping themselves to the contents of one of the many bird feeders.

Also, they may be shy but there are also many house mice here – if you get there before one of the naughty vicarage cats!

And, at night, you may even discover a town fox or two, particularly in the winter months!

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