Discover our Wild Side

Toad Abode

A network of branches, sticks and rocks provides a welcome retreat and protection for any amphibians that we’re hoping to attract, along with a small pond.

In additional to amphibians, we hope to attract a number of Invertebrates (animals without a backbone) many of which eat algae and plants, but some are carnivorous and eat other small animals to survive. 

Some of the creatures attracted to a pond include the likes of Pond-skaters, water snails, leeches and worms, water beetles, water boatmen, freshwater mussels, Larvae (caddisfly, alderfly, dragonfly and damselfly to name a few).

We’re a little way off that at the moment – our pond is a work in process but, in the meantime, it provides an important resource for the birds who need to drink and bathe!

Dig Deeper: For more details about how to make a frog and toad abode check out

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