Discover our Wild Side

Feed the birds

The birds are among the most obvious visitors to our gardens, not just with their colour but with their sound! And we’ve attracted many more by feeding them regularly.

Among the bird species here are the sparrow, blue tit, long-tailed tit, great tit, blackbird, goldfinch, robin, wren, magpie, wood pigeon, feral pigeon, jackdaw, crow, starling, and sometimes a Mallard duck or two, as well as the common seagulls which swoop around and sit on the church tower, and we’ve even had a sparrow-hawk which swooped one day into the vicarage. Can you spot any other species?

We’ve also installed bird nesting boxes – a little helping hand to our flying friends who have lost so much of their natural habitat.

Dig Deeper: Check out the RSPB’s bird identifier resource here:

For more details about how you can help birds, including feeding tips, check out the RSPB’s resource at:

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