Enter the Mystery

Open Doors

Unlike the two central doors, the door on the left of the building is a real door!  Although presently unused it simply leads to what is now a store room, and which backs onto our Lady Chapel where we celebrate Mass each day.  But we have plans!

The Lady Chapel will be extended into the room behind this door transforming it into a Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

A new glazed front will allow light in and give sight of the Tabernacle from the street and gardens, and give us sight of the world when we worship!

Detail of the doors of the Tabernacle at St Mary’s,

Meanwhile, the door on the opposite side of the church will receive the same treatment, leading into a Visitor Interpretation Centre, sharing the riches of our history and life with all who visit.

The Lady Chapel inside St Mary’s Church. Our plans include, opening up the archway to lead into another room with glazed doors looking out onto the Bute Street gardens

How holy is this feast in which Christ is our food! His passion is recalled, grace fills our hearts, and we receive a pledge of the glory to come!

The Lady Chapel decorated for the Maundy Thursday Watch until midnight during Holy Week

Longer Read: If you have time to linger and want to delve deeper, check out one of our blog posts reflecting on the importance of the Tabernacle in church buildings. It was written in 2020 as churches were allowed again to open for public worship during the COVID Pandemic: Who would live in a house like this?

The image of Our Lady of Walsingham in the Lady Chapel of St Mary’s Church
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