Enter the Mystery

Prayer and Worship

Butetown has changed so much since those first days of Industrialisation, and the late nineteenth century transformation of the church by Fr Griffith Arthur Jones, and yet the same faith is proclaimed and lived out from St Mary’s.

In the 1960s, the houses of Butetown were pulled down and many people were relocated,  although some remained and many returned to the new houses which emerged.

The industry of the docks, although still active, has receded, and the steam and dirt of the docks has given way to the leisure and pleasure of Cardiff Bay.

Twice a year, on the steps of the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, we take part in a Memorial Service for Merchant Seafers

However, the heritage of the  distinctive culture created in Tiger Bay continues.  Butetown is home to a large number of Muslims, and many of the same families who have lived here for generations still call Butetown their home.  The  community has much to offer the city—and the wider world!

The Church of St Mary the Virgin is still significant, and continues to be home to a worshipping congregation as we reach out to the diverse communities which are part of our vibrant parish.

Mass is celebrated daily, as well as other prayers and devotions offered.

You can find out more about our pattern of prayer on our Worship Pages

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