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The bells of St Mary’s

In the South East tower (to the left as you look at St Mary’s) sharing their home with a colony of bats, are the bells of St Mary’s.

Well, almost!

Originally, there was just one bell here but it was removed to make place for a new facility – not actual bells – but a digital bell system. Not only does it play the usual clang, clang, clang or a peal of bells calling the faithful to Mass, it can also chime out hymn tunes!

Three times a day the Angelus Bells are rung morning, noon and night: three groups of three rings, followed by a ring of nine to accompany a litany of prayer that remembers the Incarnation, when God takes flesh.

The bells were donated by the family of a former priest, Fr Kenneth Jordan in his memory.

During Easter time, the Angelus is replaced by the Regina Coeli, the Memorial of the Resurrection.

The original bell from 1843, dusty, and stored away – for now

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A morning of discovering nature with the RSPB on a Saturday morning a few years ago at the beginning of our journey!
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