Enter the Mystery

West Side!

Yes, you’ve made it! This is actually the main entrance way to St Mary’s Church. At one time, all around you, to the left and right and behind, were terraced streets of houses, shops, schools and pubs.

Coupled with the doors on the opposite side of the building (which aren’t doors at all!) it can make for a confusing building, and many people wonder which is the right way in!

When Butetown was redeveloped in the 1960s many streets re-emerged with new housing whilst others, like this side of the Church, disappeared altogether.

Next door is St Mary’s (Church in Wales) Primary School (which will soon be rebuilt on the south side of the church) alongside St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Why not pay a visit? Beyond that is the Salvation Army’s Ty Gobaith, working with those who are homeless.

The interior of St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Across the school playing fields you may be able to see the top of Maria Street Mosque, the site of one of the oldest mosques in the country.

St Mary’s Church is open each day for Mass and other devotions, and we are working towards being able to keep the church open for much lengthier periods of time to welcome all who wish to visit!

The Old Vestry

The small building behind you is the Old Vestry which has had various uses over the years such as a venue for meetings and functions and groups.

It’s also been used as an office for Huggard (who also work with those who are homeless – before their new facility opened a few years ago) and most recently as a base for Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group.

A Summer Gathering on the West Side of St Mary’s for our Ecumenical Assumptiontide celebrations, with the Greek Cypriot Centre in the background
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