Fr Jones of Cardiff


This project was created and written by Fr Dean Atkins, Vicar of St Mary’s Church Cardiff, with contributions from:

“I trust that his life may provoke many of us to give up ourselves more than ever in wholehearted self-consecration to God, and to a stronger belief in that gift of the Holy Ghost which is in us through the laying on of hands.” (Revd George Body)

Although there are copies of the 1907 publication of Fr Jones of Cardiff, A Memoir, the book is also available in Word format at Griffith Arthur Jones (

Whilst St Mary’s Church still lives and breathes the catholic faith it hasn’t remained static since the day of Fr Jones. We continue to minister afresh to each generation in a rapidly growing and changing city with all the presenting needs of our community.

Whilst we love to celebrate our history and heritage we very much live in the present moment, with our vision firmly set on the future!

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