Fr Jones of Cardiff

A Brief Timeline

A timeline of the life and times of Fr Griffith Arthur Jones

  • 1827

    Griffith Arthur Jones is born on 16 July in Ruabon where his father, John Jones, was the Curate (1819-1827). His mother’s name was Charlotte Harriet Jones, who lived to the age of 90 “and a very handsome old lady she was too.” He was the only son, and fifth child, of eight children, all of whom he would outlive.

  • 1833

    John Keble preached the Assize Sermon at St Mary’s Church, Oxford, essentially marking the formal beginning of the Oxford Movement

  • 1830

    His family move to Llangwm where his father is appointed the Vicar (1830-1872)

  • 1845

    On October, John Henry Newman, who had already retreated to Littlemore, is received into the Roman Catholic Church

  • 1846

    Begins his studies at Jesus College, Oxford where he is influenced by the Tractarians of the Oxford Movement.

  • 1851

    Ordained Deacon, along with seven others, on December 21st at Bangor Cathedral by Bishop Bethel and becomes Curate at Gwalchmai

  • 1852

    Ordained priest at Bangor Cathedral on December 19th, the Fourth Sunday of Advent.

  • 1854

    Published a Psalter in Welsh along with Rev C.W. Heaton and Rev Lewis Gilbertson: ‘Y Psallwyr neu Psalmau Dafydd wedi eu nodi au haddasu i’s Tonau Cyntefig”

    He also brought out a Welsh Gregorian Psalter with Doran and Nottingham, and the following Welsh publications:

    Y Caniadau a Chredo S. Athanasius wedi eu nodi au haddasu i’s Tonau Cyntefig”

    “Ffurf iynnal Gwlnos”

    “Bedydd Esgob” (Bishop’s Blessing) – A Manual on confirmation

  • 1857

    Appointed Vicar of Llanegryn, and was there for sixteen years

  • 1870

    Fr Jones pubished “Y Primer Bach,” a Handbook of Teaching, Devotion and Christian Practice

  • 1872

    Appointed Vicar of St Mary the Virgin, Cardiff. His first sermon there was on the text ‘God is Love’

  • 1873

    In the Autumn of this year, three Sisters from the Society of St Margaret in East Grinstead arrive to begin Mission work in the parish

  • 1874

    The Public Worship Regulation Act of 1874 attempts to limit the growing ritualism within the Church of England

  • 1879

    The large three decker pulpit at St Mary’s is reduced in size and moved to the North side, and a new altar installed.

  • 1884

    Work begins on the life size statue of the Apostles in the Sanctuary at St Mary’s and completed in 1897

  • 1889

    The Church Congress took place in Cardiff with one of the opening services taking place at St Mary’s. “The Service of the Holy Eucharist was celebrated with the ritual usual at our Church on all great occasions,” reads the Parish Magazine, and it was the first time the Congress had ever opened with a celebration of the Eucharist.

    It was whilst on his way to the first meeting of the Congress, that Fr Jones was knocked down by a passing cyclist. “His accident, together with the death of a much-loved sister, combined with the worry occasioned by the attacks on him on account of the Congress Service, served to upset his health, and to many of us who knew him most intimately he never seemed again so active and energetic or strong in health as before,” goes his biography.

  • 1899

    On July 31st The Archbishop’s “Opinion” delivered as to the illegality of the liturgical use of incense and of the use of portable lights. On August 11, the Bishop of Llandaff wrote to all Incumbents

  • 1903

    “Father Jones felt his infirmities increasing, and thought it is duty to resign the living of S Mary the Virgin, Cardiff, in the Autumn of 1903… he took a small house in Longcross Street, Roath., and named it appropriately Lluesty Mair – St Mary’s Rest.”

  • 1906

    The last time Fr Jones celebrated Mass at St Mary’s was at 11am on Sunday September 9th in his 80th year. “When he returned from church at midday he culd eat nothing, felt very ill, and had to send for the doctor. He never rallied, but gradually got worse.” He died on September 22nd at his home in Longcross Street.

  • 1907-8

    Publication of “Fr Jones of Cardiff: A Memoir of the Rev Griffith Arthur Jones, for over thirty years Vicar of St Mary’s” by Two Former Curate J.W.W and H.A.C” and the vestries were added to the north side of the church in his memory.

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