Eucharistic Adoration (2.30pm)

Exposition Hymn
During this hymn, the Blessed Sacrament is placed upon the altar:

Jesus, we enthrone you,
We proclaim you our King
Standing here in the midst of us
We raise you up with our praise
And as we worship build a throne
And as we worship build a throne
And as we worship build a throne
Come, Lord Jesus and take your place.

Opening Prayer


Reflection and Prayers

The priest rises and sings or says the collect.
All respond: Amen.


The priest then takes the monstrance and blessed the people with the Blessed Sacrament.

Reposition Hymn
There is a Redeemer,
Jesus, God’s own Son,
precious Lamb of God, Messiah,
holy One.

Thank you, O my Father,
for giving us Your Son,
and leaving Your Spirit
till the work on earth is done.

Jesus my Redeemer,
name above all names,
Precious Lamb of God, Messiah,
O for sinners slain:

When I stand in glory
I will see His face,
and there I’ll serve my King for ever
in that holy place.

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