God’s Garden Adventure

Create a Pop-up Pilgrimage

Whilst this resource was created for the gardens at St Mary’s Church in Cardiff, they can actually be used wherever you are – indoors or outdoors, at home or away, at church or school. So, here’s your chance to get creative!

Create your own: Perhaps you could create your own trail of crosses as a permanent feature in your church or school gardens and grounds, or they could be taken with you on organised children’s outdoor or residential activities. You could even create a temporary ‘pop-up’ pilgrimage across your own wider community (although remember to get permission where appropriate).

QR Codes: By using the QR Codes, participants can easily be guided to each specific reflection.

The crosses can be situated in such a way to make them easy to see and discover, or they could be slightly hidden to add a treasure hunt aspect to the journey.

Whilst the reflections for each cross appears to fit into some chronological order, there is no need to adhere to this.

The Crosses

The particular Latin American crosses used for this adventure are widely available online, in Christian Bookshops or from Church Suppliers, and they come in a variety of sizes.

If you don’t have the resources available to purchase your own series of crosses, perhaps you could arrange a craft session where the children create their own and which correspond to each reflection. They could be painted or drawn on wood or even on card or paper which could then be laminated to make them weatherproof.

Please do get in touch, though, if you need some assistance with sourcing the crosses, as we may just be able to help!

QR Codes

Download a pdf document of QR Codes for each reflection

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