God’s Garden Adventure

The Lion and the Lamb

What can you see?

A rainbow stretched across the sky.

A dove flying beneath a blazing sun.

There are flowers everywhere.

A family is waving or raising their hands, maybe reaching to feel the warmth of the sun, or perhaps they are praying and praising God.

The children are sheltered close to their parents who care so much for them.

And beneath them, among the beautiful flowers, is a lion and a lamb.

You’d think the lion would swallow the lamb in one big gulp, filling his belly with a burp and a satisfied growl, or maybe taking it away to feed his cubs.

But, no, this is a different kind of world being painted here.

The lion and the lamb are friends.

It’s the kind of world that God want us to make.

He wants us to be friends with one another, to care for each other and, together, to care for the world.

God loves us so much.

God loves you so much.

He has given us a beautiful world in which to live. What can we do to show our care for that world?

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