God’s Garden Adventure

The Good Shepherd

What can you see?

The bright sun shining on a friendly face.

It’s Jesus the Good Shepherd and he’s carrying a sheep on his shoulders.

Maybe, if you listen carefully enough, you can hear the soft bleat of the sheep so happy is he to be returning home to the flock.

For this little sheep has been lost for some time, alone and afraid.

He had wandered away from his friends. But Jesus brings him safely home.

Sometimes, we may feel alone in the world, lost and not knowing where we are. Things may frighten us or cause us to worry.

But Jesus doesn’t want any of us to be lost. Jesus doesn’t want any of us to be afraid. He is our friend.

And, like a shepherd who goes out of his way to find us, he carries us home safely with joy in his heart.

How can you let someone know that God loves them and cares for them?

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