God’s Garden Adventure

About our Adventure

Over the last few years, it has been the voice of children and the young who have challenged those with the power to make real change to protect the natural world.  We hope that our Garden Adventure will help to strengthen this voice and call to action.

Getting close to nature, too, has huge benefits in improving our mental health and well-being, whilst also deepening our faith and friendship with God.

There are so many children, though, who live in areas where getting close to nature appears to be difficult and we hope that this little resource will help to open the eyes and ears of all ages to the beauty of the world around us, whatever our setting.

We have placed six different crosses within the gardens of St Mary’s Church. Each cross invites us to stop, look, and listen to a reflection, and to help us think about ways in which we can make the world a better place, care for creation and one another, and for ourselves.

These Stations were written by Fr Dean Atkins, narrated by Mrs Nicki Prichard (headteacher of St Mary’s Church in Wales Primary School) and recorded and edited by Matt Batten (Llandaff Diocesan Communications Officer)

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