Stations of Creation


We hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey.  Perhaps it has stirred you to further thought and further action, and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Before the journey ends, we’ll leave you with some beautiful words of reflection from St Charles de Foucauld.

“All created beauty, all beauty of Nature
the beauty of the sunset,
of the sea lying like a mirror beneath the blue sky,
of the dark forest, of the garden of flowers,
of the mountains and the great spaces of the desert,
of the snow and of the ice,
the beauty of a rare soul reflected in a beautiful face,
all these beauties are but the
palest reflection of yours, my God.
All that has ever charmed my eyes in this world
is but the poorest, the humblest reflection
of your infinite Beauty.”

God’s Garden Adventure

We also have a children’s version of these Stations called ‘God’s Garden Adventure!’ Why not check it out?

Perhaps you can also create your own Stations of Creation in your own church gardens or at home, in school or even in the local community. You can find the photographs of the crosses below which also includes the QR Codes.

We’d love to receive feedback, so please let us know how the journey has gone for you!

These Stations were written by Fr Dean Atkins, narrated by Daniel Ready, and recorded and edited by Matt Batten.

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