“The Eucharist is the most human and divine gesture imaginable”



Please note that during the time of COVID restrictions our worship may be slightly different from usual. At present, the congregation is not allowed to sing, there is no Sunday School time or altar serving team. We are also unable to serve tea and coffee, and all socialising occurs in our outdoor space. Unless you are exempt, face coverings must be worn. You will also need to check in with us for Sunday Mass (but not for Mass during the week). The weekly and daily round of worship continues.

To check in for Sunday Mass please email: SundayMass@stmaryscf10.com or telephone/text using the details on the Contact page

Sunday Mass at 11am

The heart of our week, the Sunday Mass is a joyful gathering of our parish community.

Celebrated in the beauty of the catholic tradition, our worship is a rich expression of our love for God and one another. On Sundays, children are invited to participate in their own Liturgy of the Word (Sunday School) and people of all ages in our diverse community are involved in our ministries. Tea and coffee is served after Mass.

Mass through the Week

The rhythm of prayer at St Mary’s includes the daily celebration of Mass. Times vary each day.

Monday at 6pm (10am on Bank Holidays)

Tuesday at 7pm

Wednesday at 11am

Thursday at 10am

Friday at 10am

Saturday at 1130am

Saturday Devotions

A lovely late start for those who like a Saturday lie in!

With Morning Prayer and Rosary from 11am, the Mass at 1130am and the availability of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) from 12 noon, our Saturday Devotions are a gentle way into the weekend.

Eucharistic Adoration

‘The mystery of who you are is laid upon the altar,’ said St Augustine.

Each month, usually on the first Thursday of the month, ‘Adoration’ is a quiet time of prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament.

Hundreds of people gather each August for the Ecumenical Assumptiontide Celebrations with Vespers, torchlight procession, fireworks and barbecue.


Through the year

Whilst moving to the rhythm of the changing seasons of the Church’s year, we are also home to some special gatherings such as Assumptiontide Celebrations with torchlight procession, fireworks and barbecue, and the October Devotions to Our Lady of Walsingham.

Many of us also make pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, and we have an active Cell of OLW which meets monthly for prayer, worship and fellowship.

The bells of St Mary’s

Each day, the bells of St Mary’s rings out the Angelus at morning, noon and night. The Angelus is a beautiful litany of prayer which celebrates the Incarnation.

Find out more in a past blog post here

The mystery of who you are is laid upon the altar.


A safe and sacred space

We are committed to making St Mary’s a safe and sacred space, abiding by Welsh Government and Church in Wales guidelines. Here are some of the things we ask you to do.

Love at a distance: The space has been arranged to enable social distancing but we have made every effort to create a space that is conducive to worship.   Please keep the area at the entrance and exit clear, and respect the social distancing rule.   on Sundays, entrance is at the west end (car park) exit at the east end (gardens). Those with mobility issues may use the west end to exit.  Please use the hand gel provided at entry and exit.  Face masks must be worn unless you are exempt.

Mass Times: On Sunday, the main Mass is at 11 am.  Please either commit to each Sunday and then tell us that you won’t be at Mass on Sunday OR check in for each Sunday Mass.  If the 11 am Mass begins to get booked to capacity, a 10 am Mass will be offered.  Each Mass will be said (not sung) and will take approximately 25 minutes.  You don’t need to check in for Mass during the week.

Before Mass: Please ensure you are in your seat before Mass begins.  All Masses take place at the Nave Altar.  If you arrive too early, you may be asked to wait outside whilst we prepare and clean the space.  The collection plate will be not be passed around. Please place any cash offerings or envelopes in the plate as you arrive.  If you are able, please arrange to pay your regular offering by electronic means.  All prayer resources and bulletins are single use only.  Please take yours home or place in the bin.

During Mass: Please remain in your seats throughout the Mass.  Communion will be administered in one kind only and at your seat.  The Sacrament will be placed on your outstretched  palm.  The chalice will not be administered,  A physical expression of the peace will not be exchanged.  Unfortunately, there is no Sunday School and no children’s area in church.  Parents are asked to keep their children with them at all times.

After Mass: We’re unable to serve tea and coffee.  We know that you’ll want to catch up with people but please socialise in our outdoor space whilst keeping the exit clear and maintaining social distance.  Please maintain a prayerful silence before and after Mass.  Socialising in church is not allowed by Welsh Government restrictions.

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