St Mary’s Wild Side: our Christmas Charity Appeal

During this last year, the world has experienced such a challenging time.  We want to reach out, particularly to those who are lonely and isolated, those who find life difficult, whether through poor mental health or other issues and concerns which can affect our health and well being.

As a city centre church, we are also concerned about the natural environment and the two can and do go hand in hand! We know that spending time in green space, close to nature, can benefit our mental and physical wellbeing. It can:

  • improve our mood
  • reduce feelings of stress or anger
  • help people take time out and feel more relaxed
  • improve physical health
  • improve confidence and self-esteem
  • help us be more active
  • help us make new connections
  • provide peer support.

Each Christmas, we choose a charity to support with donations made at the Christmas Crib, our Christmas Greetings Board or simply by direct donations. This year, St Mary’s Christmas Charity Appeal is our home grown “Wild Side.”  After beginning to shape and create a space in our gardens over the last few months, we are now in a place to further develop them to benefit the wider community.

Donations will not only go towards physical resources but will be used to deliver sessions in our pilot project in the new year. We’re hoping to work with all ages from all backgrounds, and we already have a small amount of money ringfenced for activities involving those who are homeless.

This is an exciting yet simple project to:

  • strengthen community life
  • cherish our natural world
  • provide a safe and nurturing environment for  people experiencing  difficult and trying times.

Donations can be made through the Christmas Greetings Board, at the Christmas Crib or simply directly to St Mary’s

We’ve begun to transform the gardens to make them more accessible to people and more friendly to nature!

Get in touch

If you’re interested in partnering with us on any aspects of our garden project by volunteering, taking part in activities, commending people to us to engage in organised activities or you just want to find out more then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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